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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


all religions need a God...

Thanks for your "tremendous" and "amazing" words.

Thanks for reminding us that "we have the duty to fight for our past".

Thanks for reminding us that we won't ever be able to go "de copas con Shakespeare" (we all know you really did).

Thanks for believing in literature and for consider that it has "life in itself".

Thanks for reminding us that we need "critical minds".

Thanks for trying to "salvar cerebros y conciencias".

Just thanks for teaching us some valuable lessons for our hard and real lives.

and He is ours.


Blogger sham_rock said...


2:38 PM  
Anonymous nuria de 3ยบ said...

es para teizon???

ohhh, nuestro diosss

3:47 PM  

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